About Me


Welcome! =) 

Hi! I'm Sarah and I would love to help you with you're next creative endeavor. Whether it be for your special day or stylized ad I want to be there every step of the way. I fell in love with photography in high school as I unassumingly took a film photography class as one of my electives. I quickly became enamored with the craft and decided that this was the career for me. I've always been a creative person and would rather build things for a school project than write a report. When I picked up my first camera I knew that this was the outlet for me and I wanted to share my skill with others by creating their dream photos for them. So I went to The Art Institute of Las Vegas and got a bachelors in photography. I specialized in lighting and production as I focused my final portfolio on fashion and product photography. While in school I worked with a wedding company and shot over 300 weddings all over Las Vegas. I learned that I love working with people and helping them create something special that they will have forever. And I hope to continue this work with you! I recently moved to the Denver/Boulder area and I'm super excited to to use the elements of this beautiful state to frame our next photos together! I hope to work with you soon.